Hi, my name is Amanda Karczewski
I'm a full-stack developer.

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About Me

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Multifaceted Software Engineer with a background in education and customer service. I'm eager to transition the communication and collaboration skills I gained in my past roles to a career as a developer. As a life-long learner and former teacher, I constantly strive to learn better ways to write clean, adaptable code. I love thinking about how tech can help create a more accessible and democratized world.

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Javascript | CSS/SASS | HTML | Python

Libraries and Frameworks

React | Node.js | Express.js | Flask | Bootstrap | JQuery | EJS | TailwindCSS


MongoDB | Mongoose | PostgreSQL | SQL | JWT

Organizational Tools

Trello | Whimsical | Markdown | Slack | Zoom


Responsive Web Design | RESTful APIs | Git/Github | Heroku | Netlify | Postman | MVC Pattern | CRUD Operations | Agile/Scrum



A mobile thrift store shopping list app. REthread is a place where users can conveniently keep track of all the items they're on the hunt for
Flask | Git | Heroku | Python | PostgreSQL | Bootstrap | CSS3 | HTML5

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A mobile cocktail sharing app created by Jaeyoung Choi, Amanda Karczewski, and Christopher Makrides. Shakn is a place where bartenders and mixologosts can catologue their cocktail recipes and share them with other professionals.
Node.js | Express.js | MongoDB | Javascript | React | Azure | Heroku | TailwindCSS

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EventBuddy is a wellness app that helps people with anxiety keep track of daily activities and social events
JavaScript | HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | GitHub | Node.JS | Express.JS | MongoDB | Heroku | Microsoft Azure | Google OAuth

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Slot Machine 1.0

Slot Machine 1.0 is an in browser slot machine game inspired by the endearing and clunky aesthetics of the early web
JavaScript | HTML5 | CSS3

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